U.S. National Wildlife Refuges

USFWS RegionStateNWRFestival?Natural Highlights
MidwestOhioOttawa NWR

The Biggest Week in American BirdingAlong Lake Erie in northwest Ohio, Ottawa Refuge provides excellent habitat for waterfowl, migratory birds and Bald Eagles. Managed pools create mudflats used by shorebirds during peak spring and fall migrations. Dunlins, en route between their Arctic breeding and coastal wintering grounds, have been reported in the Crane Creek estuary in flocks as large as 2,000. In late April through late May, Ottawa Refuge may host as many as 38 different species of warbler, with rare but exciting visits by the endangered Kirtland's Warbler making this area known as the "warbler capital of the world." Many Bald Eagles also nest on the refuge. Ottawa Refuge is a host site in the annual Biggest Week in American Birding festival in early May.
PacificHawaiiKilauea Point NWRLocated at the northern tip of the Island of Kauai, the refuge is home to some of the largest populations of nesting seabirds in the main Hawaiian Islands, with breeding species including the mōlī(Laysan Albatross), ua'u kani (Wedge-tailed Shearwater), and koa'e 'ula (Red-tailed Tropicbird). Shorebirds such as the kōlea (Pacific Golden Plover) and 'ulili (Wandering Tattler) use the refuge as a wintering ground. But perhaps the highlight of the avifuana here is a year-round resident - the Nēnē, Hawai'i's unique and endangered state bird. Besides the birds, this refuge is a marvelous place to view Hawaiian monk seals, spinner dolphins, and migrating humpback whales.
PacificOregonMalheur NWR

John Scharff Migratory Bird FestivalEstablished in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt as a "preserve and breeding ground for native birds," Malheur NWR in the high desert of southeast Oregon hosts more than 320 bird species - one of Oregon's highest single-location lists - attracted by its location on the Pacific Flyway and its abundant water and food. Prairie Falcon, Franklin's Gull, American White Pelican, and Greater Sage-Grouse are among the birds that nest locally, while migrants include Snow Geese, Tundra Swans, and vast numbers of other waterfowl and shorebirds. In winter, the refuge is a concentration point for raptors such as Northern Goshawk, Rough-legged Hawk, and Ferruginous Hawk.
SoutheastAlabamaEufala NWR Waterfowl and waders. White-eyed Vireos, Indigo Buntings, Orchard Orioles, Summer Tanagers, White-throated Sparrows, juncos, Brown Creepers, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Eastern Bluebirds, Bluebirds, nuthatches, Red-tailed Hawks, Indigo Buntings, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Louisiana Waterthrushes, Blue Grosbeaks, Painted Buntings. Winter sparrows include Vesper, White-crowned, Swamp, and the hope of rarities such as Lincoln'€™s, LeConte'™s, and perhaps even a wintering Henslow'™s or Grasshopper sparrow. Lots more.
SouthwestNew MexicoBosque del Apache NWRFestival of the CranesEach fall and winter, Bosque del Apache Refuge hosts visitors eager to see one of North America's great migrations - tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese gathered in vast flocks, streaming from their night roosts or exploding into flight when frightened by a passing coyote. Even non-birders can't help but stand in hushed admiration at the sight of so much life and motion. This spectacle is celebrated annually in the Festival of the Cranes, a six-day event featuring workshops, tours, and even a fine art show. But savvy birders know that Bosque del Apache is a place of many other wonders, perhaps less showy, but no less remarkable. Like many southwestern refuges, Bosque del Apache is a place where the U.S. and Mexican avifuana blend and blur, creating opportunities to check off species like Chihuahuan Raven, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, and Montezuma Quail. Vagrant visitors like Ruddy Ground-dove, Groove-billed Ani, and the remarkable first North American record of the Rufous-necked Wood-rail can occasionally make a lucky birder's day, or even her year. Whether you prefer the rush of vast numbers or the quiet, solitary moments, birding Bosque del Apache is worth your time.
SouthwestTexasAransas NWRWhen you say Aransas NWR, most birders think of Whooping Cranes - this stretch of the Gulf Coast serves as a winter haven for the last free-flying flock of the stately and highly endangered birds. But the brackish waters teeming with fish and blue crabs are only one facet of the rich and diverse habitat mosaic that the refuge offers. Mild winters, plentiful water, and an abundant food supply attract more than 400 species of birds throughout the year. While the Whooping Crane is undoubtedly the highlight of the winter months, other water birds including Reddish Egret, White and White-faced Ibis, Mottled Duck, and Purple Gallinule also feed in the rich bay and the fresh-water lagoons further inland. In migration, the oak woods provide critical habitat for neotropical migrants traveling the Central Flyway. The sandy prairies and scrublands are hunting grounds for White-tailed Hawk, Crested Caracara, Aplomado Falcon, and other raptors. Rare treats like Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Masked Duck, Painted Redstart, and other surprise visitors from southern climes are always a possibility!The refuge is also rich in other wildlife, including the critically endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, Texas coral snake, collared peccary (or javelina), and that iconic mascot of the American southwest, the nine-banded armadillo. But no matter what you see, keep one ear open - for you never know when the haunting whoop of a near-vanished species will echo across the marsh.
SouthwestTexasLaguna Atascosa NWRRio Grande Valley Birding FestivalLaguna Atascosa NWR occupies one of North America's most biologically diverse regions and sees an impressive 417 species of birds - a number that represents nearly half the total for the continent as a whole. Migrants skirt the Gulf to the east and the desert to the west to funnel through this Central Flyway starting point, while many of the residents are species that reach their northernmost range here along the Rio Grande. More than 250,000 ducks use the refuge in peak season in November; an estimated 80 percent of the North American population of Redheads winter in the area. The refuge is also a vital stopover for migrating neotropical songbirds, such as Painted Bunting, Bullock's Oriole, and various warblers and hummingbirds. The refuge is also well known for its raptors, including migrating Peregrine Falcons in the spring and fall. The Aplomado Falcon, once wiped out in the United States, is making a comeback and can be seen hunting the refuge's grasslands. Plain Chachalaca, White-tipped Dove, Green Jay, and Great Kiskadee are among the south Texas specialties that, along with species like the ocelot and blue metalmark butterfly, make this region unique in the United States.
SouthwestTexasSanta Ana NWRRio Grande Valley Birding FestivalSanta Ana NWR is one of the world's top birding destinations. Located at a crossroads of biodiversity, it is home to species such as Green Jays, Common Pauraques, Plain Chachalacas and Great Kiskadees, which reach the northern limit of their range in this area. At the same time, the refuge is important habitat for birds from the Central and Mississippi flyways that funnel through the area on their way to and from Central and South America. Hundreds of thousands of migrating Broad-winged Hawks, Northern Harriers, Peregrine Falcons, and other birds of prey fly over the refuge in spring and fall - occasionally joined by Santa Ana NWR's rarest raptors, the Hook-billed Kite and Gray Hawk. Among the passerine migrants, more than 35 species of warblers visit the refuge in the spring including Golden-winged Warbler, Tropical Parula, and Yellow-breasted Chat. Santa Ana NWR also offers more than three hundred species of butterflies, and the tantalizing possibility of catching a glimpse of a rare jaguarundi, indigo snake, or ocelot.
AlaskaAlaskaAlaska Maritime NWRThis refuge is a lister's dream -- it hosts many birds rarely seen elsewhere in North America, including Whiskered, Crested, and Least Auklets, Red-faced Cormorant, and Aleutian Tern. And then there is the ever-present possibility of unexpected guests from across the Bering Sea -- this refuge has produced the first or only North American sightings of Yellow Bittern, Siberian Blue Robin, Great Spotted Woodpecker, and many others. Whooper Swan, Smew, and Rubythroat are among the Asian species that appear annually or near-annually. Birding Alaska was never so easy or productive.
AlaskaAlaskaYukon Delta NWRThe Yukon refuge supports one of the largest aggregations of water birds in the world. Each spring, a spectacle unfolds as millions of migratory ducks, geese and other water birds return to the refuge to nest. The refuge also supports one of the most important shorebird nesting areas in the United States in terms of both density and species diversity. Summer residents include Emperor Geese, Trumpeter Swans, Tundra Swans, puffins, and Arctic Terns
MidwestMinnesotaTamarac NWRThe marshes and forests of this haven in the heart of Minnesota's lake country provide habitat for not only Trumpeter Swans but for such other species as Golden-winged Warbler, American Black-backed Woodpecker, and river otter. Visitors may even catch a glimpse of the elusive gray wolf.
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaChase Lake NWRChase Lake Refuge has been designated one of America’s Top 100 Globally Important Bird Areas (IBA) by the American Bird Conservancy. Located in the Prairie Pothole region, the refuge and surrounding areas provide breeding and resting habitat for more than 293 bird species.

The refuge was established in 1908 primarily to protect the American White Pelican, then threatened by hunting. Today it's a great place for a wide variety of water birds, including Piping Plover, American Avocet, and Sandhill Crane. It’s also a wonderful spot for viewing grassland birds, including Upland Plover, Bobolink, Sharp-tailed Grouse, and Le Conte's, Baird's, and Clay-colored Sparrow.
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLostwood NWRThis refuge in the Prairie Pothole region has been designated a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy, and no wonder -- it provides breeding habitat for the Great Plains population of the threatened Piping Plover, and many declining grassland-associated bird species, such as Baird’s Sparrow, benefit from the refuge’s intensive grassland management programs.
Mtn-PriairieUtahBear River Migratory Bird RefugeBear River Migratory Bird Refuge is a birding hotspot popular in northern Utah and famed worldwide. The refuge provides habitat for more than 200 bird species, including Snowy Plover and North America's largest colony of White-faced Ibis.
NortheastDelawareBombay Hook NWRBombay Hook is a key rest stop on the Delaware Bay for thousands of migrating shorebirds. Common species include Semipalmated Sandpipers, Dunlin, dowitchers, yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plovers and American Avocets. Migrating and wintering waterfowl also flock to Bombay Hook Refuge each fall. The refuge’s vast expanse of tidal salt marsh is home to many species of conservation concern, such as American Black Ducks, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows, and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows.
NortheastMassachusettsMonomoy NWRLocated on barrier islands off the coast of Cape Cod, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge provides important resting, nesting and feeding habitat for sea and shorebirds, including the federally protected Piping Plover and Roseate Tern. The refuge also supports the second largest nesting colony of Common Terns on the Atlantic seaboard with more than 8,000 nesting pairs. When breeding season is over, more than 40 species of plover and sandpiper have been known to occur here in migration -- the area is especially noted for high numbers of Hudsonian Godwit.
NortheastMassachusettsParker River NWRParker River’s prime location along the Atlantic coast and at the mouth of Merrimac River makes it a top birding site. This barrier island refuge provides habitat for more than 300 species of resident and migratory birds. It attracts hundreds of migratory shorebirds, waterfowl and songbirds to its salt marsh and freshwater impoundments.
Pacific NWCaliforniaDon Edwards San Francisco Bay NWRThe Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge provides habitat for 227 species of birds -- including a few who desperately need it. It is home to 8 percent of the world population of the threatened Western Snowy Plover and 60 percent of the world population of the endangered California Clapper Rail, found only in the tidal marshes of San Francisco Bay.
Pacific NWCaliforniaTijuana Slough NWRTijuana Slough Refuge maintains key habitats for many migrating shorebirds and waterfowl along the Pacific Flyway. Within the refuge, one of southern California’s largest remaining salt marshes without a road or railroad trestle running through it provides critical habitat for the federally listed endangered California Least Tern, Light-footed Clapper Rail and Least Bell’s Vireo. The Western Snowy Plover, a threatened species, is a year-round resident and nests on refuge beaches.
SoutheastFloridaJ.N. 'Ding' Darling NWRThe much-visited refuge on Sanibel Island is best known for its spectacular populations of colorful wading birds, such as Roseate Spoonbills, Brown and American White Pelicans, Wood Storks, White Ibis and Snowy Egrets. Shorebirds such as Wilson’s Plovers, American Oystercatchers, and Black-necked Stilts are also drawn to the refuge mudflats. Other species seen in abundance include Red-shouldered Hawks and Osprey. Spring and fall migrations bring flycatchers, warblers, tanagers, orioles and buntings.
SoutheastFloridaKey West NWRKey West National Wildlife Refuge, National Key Deer Wildlife Refuge , Great White Heron, and Crocodile Lake Refuge – provide critical nesting, feeding and resting areas for more than 250 species of birds, including many which only venture into the U.S. in this area. Among them: Great White Herons, Mangrove Cuckoos, Antillean Nighthawks, and Gray Kingbirds.

The refuges also shelter federally protected species ranging from the American crocodile and the Key deer to the Key Largo cotton mouse and the Schaus swallowtail butterfly, and provides crucial breeding grounds for loggerhead and green sea turtles.
SoutheastFloridaMerritt Island NWROn Florida’s east coast near Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island Refuge is world-famous as a birding destination. More than 320 species have been documented here. Each winter hundreds of thousands of migratory birds use the refuge as a rest stop or winter in refuge impoundments. During warmer months, resident wading birds, shore birds, songbirds and raptors forage in refuge marshes, open waters and forests. Two refuge trails (Scrub Ridge and Pine Flatwoods) provide the best place to see the endemic Florida Scrub-jay.
SoutheastFloridaOkefenokee NWR (administered in Georgia)The legendary Okefenokee Swamp -- or ‘Land of the Trembling Earth,’ as Native Americans called this magical place in southern Georgia and northern Florida -- is one of America’s oldest and best preserved freshwater systems.

Wading birds such as Sandhill Cranes and Wood Storks, abound among the cypresses, marshes, and islands. The rare Red-cockaded Woodpecker nests in upland pine groves, Northern Bobwhite feed in open areas, and Prothonotary Warblers light up the swamps with their brilliant plumage.
Cache River NWR
In 2004 and 2005, alleged sightings of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker at Cache River NWR shook the birding world. But whether you are an Ivory-billed Believer or not, this refuge is well worth visiting. As one of the few remaining areas in the Lower Mississippi River Valley not drastically altered by channelization and drainage, the Cache River basin contains a variety of wetland communities including some of the most intact and least disturbed bottomland hardwood forests in the Mississippi Valley region. Established in 1986 as a haven for migratory waterfowl, the refuge also protects species like Prothonotary Warbler, Red-headed Woodpecker, and Rusty Blackbird.
AlaskaAlaskaAlaska Peninsula NWR
AlaskaAlaskaArctic NWR
AlaskaAlaskaBecharof NWR
AlaskaAlaskaInnoko NWR
AlaskaAlaskaIzembek NWR
AlaskaAlaskaKanuti NWR
AlaskaAlaskaKenai NWR
AlaskaAlaskaKodiak NWR
AlaskaAlaskaKoyukuk NWR
AlaskaAlaskaNowitna NWR
AlaskaAlaskaSelawik NWR
AlaskaAlaskaTetlin NWR
AlaskaAlaskaTogiak NWR
AlaskaAlaskaYukon Flats NWR
MidwestIllinoisChautauqua NWR
MidwestIllinoisCrab Orchard NWR
MidwestIllinoisCypress Creek NWR
MidwestIllinoisEmiquon NWR
MidwestIllinoisMark Twain NWR Complex
MidwestIllinoisMeredosia NWR
MidwestIllinoisMiddle Mississippi River NWR
MidwestIllinoisTwo Rivers NWR
MidwestIndianaBig Oaks NWR
MidwestIndianaMuscatatuck NWR
MidwestIndianaPatoka River NWR and Management Area
MidwestIowaDeSoto NWR
MidwestIowaDriftless Area NWR
MidwestIowaIowa Wetland Management District
MidwestIowaNeal Smith NWR
MidwestIowaPort Louisa NWR
MidwestIowaUnion Slough NWR
MidwestMichiganDetroit River InterNWR
MidwestMichiganHarbor Island NWR
MidwestMichiganHuron NWR
MidwestMichiganKirtlands Warbler Wildlife Management Area
MidwestMichiganMichigan Islands NWR
MidwestMichiganMichigan Wetland Management District
MidwestMichiganSeney NWR
MidwestMichiganShiawassee NWR
MidwestMinnesotaAgassiz NWR
MidwestMinnesotaBig Stone NWR
MidwestMinnesotaBig Stone Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaCrane Meadows NWR
MidwestMinnesotaDetroit Lakes Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaFergus Falls Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaGlacial Ridge NWR
MidwestMinnesotaHamden Slough NWR
MidwestMinnesotaLitchfield Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaMille Lacs NWR
MidwestMinnesotaMinnesota Valley NWR
MidwestMinnesotaMinnesota Valley Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaMorris Wetland Management District
MidwestMinnesotaNorthern Tallgrass Prairie NWR
MidwestMinnesotaRice Lake NWR
MidwestMinnesotaRydell NWR
MidwestMinnesotaSherburne NWR
MidwestMinnesotaUpper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge
MidwestMinnesotaWindom Wetland Management District
MidwestMissouriBig Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge
MidwestMissouriClarence Cannon NWR
MidwestMissouriGreat River NWR
MidwestMissouriMingo NWR
MidwestMissouriOzark Cavefish NWR
MidwestMissouriPilot Knob NWR
MidwestMissouriSquaw Creek NWR
MidwestMissouriSwan Lake NWR
MidwestOhioCedar Point NWR
MidwestOhioWest Sister Island NWR
MidwestWisconsinDriftless Area NWR
MidwestWisconsinFox River NWR
MidwestWisconsinGravel Island NWR
MidwestWisconsinGreen Bay NWR
MidwestWisconsinHoricon NWR
MidwestWisconsinLeopold Wetland Management District
MidwestWisconsinNecedah NWR
MidwestWisconsinSt. Croix Wetland Management District
MidwestWisconsinTrempealeau NWR
MidwestWisconsinUpper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge
MidwestWisconsinWhittlesey Creek NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoAlamosa NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoArapaho NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoBaca NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoBrowns Park NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoMonte Vista NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoRocky Flats NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoRocky Mountain Arsenal NWR
Mtn-PrairieColoradoTwo Ponds NWR
Mtn-PrairieKansasFlint Hills NWR
Mtn-PrairieKansasKirwin NWR
Mtn-PrairieKansasMarais des Cygnes NWR
Mtn-PrairieKansasQuivira NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaBenton Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaBenton Lake Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieMontanaBlack Coulee NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaBowdoin NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaCharles M. Russell NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaCreedman Coulee NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaHailstone NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaHalfbreed Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaHewitt Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaLake Mason NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaLake Thibadeau NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaLamesteer NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaLee Metcalf NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaLost Trail NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaMedicine Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaNational Bison Range
Mtn-PrairieMontanaNational Bison Range Complex
Mtn-PrairieMontanaNinepipe NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaNorthwest Montana Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieMontanaPablo NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaRed Rock Lakes NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaSwan River NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaUL Bend NWR
Mtn-PrairieMontanaWar Horse NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaBoyer Chute NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaCrescent Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaDeSoto NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaFort Niobrara NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaJohn and Louise Seier NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaNorth Platte NWR
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaRainwater Basin Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNebraskaValentine NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaAppert Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaArdoch NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaArrowwood NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaArrowwood NWR Complex
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaArrowwood Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaAudubon NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaAudubon NWR Complex
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaBone Hill Creek NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaBrumba NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaBuffalo Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaCamp Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaCanfield Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaChase Lake Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaCottonwood Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaCrosby Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaDakota Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaDes Lacs NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaDes Lacs NWR Complex
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaDevils Lake Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaFlorence Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaHalfway Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaHiddenwood NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaHobart Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaHutchinson Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaJ. Clark Salyer NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaJ. Clark Salyer Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaJohnson Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaKellys Slough NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaKulm Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Alice NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake George NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Ilo NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Nettie NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Otis NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Patricia NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLake Zahl NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLambs Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLittle Goose NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLong Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLong Lake Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLords Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLost Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaLostwood Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaMaple River NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaMcLean NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaPleasant Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaPretty Rock NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaRabb Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaRock Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaRose Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSchool Section Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaShell Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSheyenne Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSibley Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSilver Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSlade NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSnyder Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSpringwater NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaStewart Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaStoney Slough NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaStorm Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaStump Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSullys Hill National Game Preserve
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaSunburst Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaTewaukon NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaTomahawk NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaUpper Souris NWR
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaValley City Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaWhite Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaWild Rice Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaWillow Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaWintering River NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieNorth DakotaWood Lake NWR (easement refuge)
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaBear Butte NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaHuron Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaKarl E. Mundt NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaLacreek NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaLake Andes NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaLake Andes NWR Complex
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaLake Andes Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaMadison Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaSand Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaWaubay NWR
Mtn-PrairieSouth DakotaWaubay Wetland Management District
Mtn-PrairieWyomingBamforth NWR
Mtn-PrairieWyomingCokeville Meadows NWR
Mtn-PrairieWyomingHutton Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieWyomingManaged under Arapaho NWR (in Colorado)
Mtn-PrairieWyomingMortenson Lake NWR
Mtn-PrairieWyomingNational Elk Refuge
Mtn-PrairieWyomingPathfinder NWR
Mtn-PrairieWyomingSeedskadee NWR
Mtn-PriairieUtahFish Springs NWR
Mtn-PriairieUtahOuray NWR
NortheastConnecticutStewart B. McKinney NWR
NortheastDelawareKillcohook NWR (status revoked by Congress in October 1998)
NortheastDelawarePrime Hook NWR
NortheastMaineAroostook NWR
NortheastMaineCarlton Pond Waterfowl Production Area
NortheastMaineCross Island NWR
NortheastMaineFranklin Island NWR
NortheastMaineMaine Coastal Islands NWR
NortheastMaineMoosehorn NWR
NortheastMainePetit Manan NWR
NortheastMainePond Island NWR
NortheastMaineRachel Carson NWR
NortheastMaineSeal Island NWR
NortheastMaineSunkhaze Meadows NWR
NortheastMarylandBlackwater NWR
NortheastMarylandChesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex
NortheastMarylandEastern Neck NWR
NortheastMarylandMartin NWR
NortheastMarylandPatuxent Research Refuge [2]
NortheastMarylandSusquehanna River NWR
NortheastMassachusettsAssabet River NWR
NortheastMassachusettsGreat Meadows NWR
NortheastMassachusettsMashpee NWR
NortheastMassachusettsMassasoit NWR
NortheastMassachusettsNantucket NWR
NortheastMassachusettsNomans Land Island NWR
NortheastMassachusettsOxbow NWR
NortheastMassachusettsSilvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge
NortheastMassachusettsThacher Island NWR
NortheastNew HampshireGreat Bay NWR
NortheastNew HampshireJohn Hay NWR
NortheastNew HampshireUmbagog NWR
NortheastNew HampshireWapack NWR
NortheastNew JerseyCape May NWR
NortheastNew JerseyEdwin B. Forsythe NWR
NortheastNew JerseyGreat Swamp NWR
NortheastNew JerseySupawna Meadows NWR
NortheastNew JerseyWallkill River NWR (shared with NY)
NortheastNew YorkAmagansett NWR
NortheastNew YorkConscience Point NWR
NortheastNew YorkElizabeth A. Morton NWR
NortheastNew YorkIroquois NWR
NortheastNew YorkLong Island NWR Complex
NortheastNew YorkMontezuma NWR
NortheastNew YorkOyster Bay NWR
NortheastNew YorkSayville NWR
NortheastNew YorkSeatuck NWR
NortheastNew YorkShawangunk Grasslands NWR
NortheastNew YorkTarget Rock NWR
NortheastNew YorkWallkill River NWR (shared with NJ)
NortheastNew YorkWertheim NWR
NortheastPennsylvaniaCherry Valley NWR
NortheastPennsylvaniaErie NWR
NortheastPennsylvaniaJohn Heinz NWR at Tinicum
NortheastRhode IslandBlock Island NWR
NortheastRhode IslandJohn H. Chafee NWR
NortheastRhode IslandNinigret NWR
NortheastRhode IslandRhode Island NWR Complex
NortheastRhode IslandSachuest Point NWR
NortheastRhode IslandTrustom Pond NWR
NortheastVermontMissisquoi NWR
NortheastVirginiaBack Bay NWR
NortheastVirginiaChincoteague NWR
NortheastVirginiaEastern Shore of Virginia NWR
NortheastVirginiaEastern Virginia Rivers NWR Complex
NortheastVirginiaElizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck NWR
NortheastVirginiaFeatherstone NWR
NortheastVirginiaFisherman Island NWR
NortheastVirginiaGreat Dismal Swamp NWR
NortheastVirginiaJames River NWR
NortheastVirginiaNansemond NWR
NortheastVirginiaOccoquan Bay NWR
NortheastVirginiaPlum Tree Island NWR
NortheastVirginiaPotomac River NWR Complex
NortheastVirginiaPresquile NWR
NortheastVirginiaRappahannock River Valley NWR
NortheastVirginiaWallops Island NWR
NortheastWest VirginiaCanaan Valley NWR
NortheastWest VirginiaOhio River Islands NWR
PacificHawaiiBig Island NWR Complex
PacificHawaiiHakalau Forest NWR
PacificHawaiiHanalei NWR
PacificHawaiiHawaiian Islands NWR
PacificHawaiiHuleia NWR
PacificHawaiiJames Campbell NWR
PacificHawaiiKakahaia NWR
PacificHawaiiKauai NWR Complex
PacificHawaiiKealia Pond NWR
PacificHawaiiKona Forest NWR
PacificHawaiiMaui NWR Complex
PacificHawaiiOahu Forest NWR
PacificHawaiiOahu NWR Complex
PacificIdahoBear Lake NWR
PacificIdahoCamas NWR
PacificIdahoDeer Flat NWR
PacificIdahoGrays Lake NWR
PacificIdahoKootenai NWR
PacificIdahoMinidoka NWR
PacificIdahoOxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area
PacificIdahoSoutheast Idaho NWR Complex
PacificOregonAnkeny NWR
PacificOregonBandon Marsh NWR
PacificOregonBaskett Slough NWR
PacificOregonBear Valley NWR
PacificOregonCape Meares NWR
PacificOregonCold Springs NWR
PacificOregonHart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
PacificOregonKlamath Basin NWRs Complex (CA and OR)
PacificOregonKlamath Marsh NWR
PacificOregonLower Klamath NWR (CA and OR)
PacificOregonMcKay Creek NWR
PacificOregonMid-Columbia River NWR Complex
PacificOregonNestucca Bay NWR
PacificOregonOregon Coast NWR Complex
PacificOregonOregon Islands NWR
PacificOregonSheldon-Hart Mountain NWR Complex (NV and OR)
PacificOregonSiletz Bay NWR
PacificOregonThree Arch Rocks NWR
PacificOregonTualatin River NWR
PacificOregonUmatilla NWR
PacificOregonUpper Klamath NWR
PacificOregonWillamette Valley NWR Complex
PacificOregonWilliam L. Finley NWR
PacificWashingtonColumbia NWR
PacificWashingtonConboy Lake NWR
PacificWashingtonCopalis NWR
PacificWashingtonDungeness NWR
PacificWashingtonFlattery Rocks NWR
PacificWashingtonFranz Lake NWR
PacificWashingtonGrays Harbor NWR
PacificWashingtonJulia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbian White-Tailed Deer
PacificWashingtonLewis and Clark NWR
PacificWashingtonLittle Pend Oreille NWR
PacificWashingtonMcNary NWR
PacificWashingtonNisqually NWR
PacificWashingtonPierce NWR
PacificWashingtonProtection Island NWR
PacificWashingtonQuillayute Needles NWR
PacificWashingtonRidgefield NWR
PacificWashingtonSaddle Mountain NWR
PacificWashingtonSan Juan Islands NWR
PacificWashingtonSteigerwald Lake NWR
PacificWashingtonToppenish NWR
PacificWashingtonTurnbull NWR
PacificWashingtonUmatilla NWR
PacificWashingtonWillapa NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaAntioch Dunes NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaBitter Creek NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaBlue Ridge NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaButte Sink NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaButte Sink Wildlife Management Area
Pacific NWCaliforniaCastle Rock NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaClear Lake NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaCoachella Valley NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaColusa NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaDelevan NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaEllicott Slough NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaFarallon NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaGrasslands Wildlife Management Area
Pacific NWCaliforniaGrasslands Wildlife Management Area
Pacific NWCaliforniaGuadalupe-Nipomo Dunes NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaHopper Mountain NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaHopper Mountain NWR Complex
Pacific NWCaliforniaHumboldt Bay NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaKern NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaKlamath Basin NWRs Complex (CA and OR)
Pacific NWCaliforniaLanphere Dunes
Pacific NWCaliforniaLower Klamath NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaMarin Islands NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaMerced NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaModoc NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaNorth Central Valley Wildlife Management Area
Pacific NWCaliforniaPixley NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSacramento NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSacramento NWR Complex
Pacific NWCaliforniaSacramento River NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSalinas River NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Diego Bay NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Diego NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Francisco Bay NWR Complex
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Joaquin River NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Luis NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Luis NWR Complex
Pacific NWCaliforniaSan Pablo Bay NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSeal Beach NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSonny Bono Salton Sea NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaStone Lakes NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaSutter NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaTule Lake NWR
Pacific NWCaliforniaWillow Creek-Lurline Wildlife Management Area
Pacific SouthwestNevadaAnaho Island NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaAsh Meadows NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaDesert NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaDesert NWR Complex
Pacific SouthwestNevadaFallon NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaMoapa Valley NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaPahranagat NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaRuby Lake NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaSheldon NWR
Pacific SouthwestNevadaSheldon-Hart Mountain NWR Complex (NV and OR)
Pacific SouthwestNevadaStillwater NWR
SoutheastAlabamaBon Secour NWR
SoutheastAlabamaCahaba River NWR
SoutheastAlabamaChoctaw NWR
SoutheastAlabamaFern Cave NWR
SoutheastAlabamaKey Cave NWR
SoutheastAlabamaMountain Longleaf NWR
SoutheastAlabamaSauta Cave NWR
SoutheastAlabamaWatercress Darter NWR
SoutheastAlabamaWheeler NWR
SoutheastFloridaArchie Carr NWR
SoutheastFloridaArthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee NWR
SoutheastFloridaCaloosahatchee NWR
SoutheastFloridaCedar Keys NWR
SoutheastFloridaChassahowitzka NWR
SoutheastFloridaCrocodile Lake NWR
SoutheastFloridaCrystal River NWR
SoutheastFloridaEgmont Key NWR
SoutheastFloridaFlorida Panther NWR
SoutheastFloridaGreat White Heron NWR
SoutheastFloridaHobe Sound NWR
SoutheastFloridaIsland Bay NWR
SoutheastFloridaLake Wales Ridge NWR
SoutheastFloridaLake Woodruff NWR
SoutheastFloridaLower Suwannee NWR
SoutheastFloridaMatlacha Pass NWR
SoutheastFloridaNational Key Deer Refuge
SoutheastFloridaPassage Key NWR
SoutheastFloridaPelican Island NWR
SoutheastFloridaPine Island NWR
SoutheastFloridaPinellas NWR
SoutheastFloridaSt. Johns NWR
SoutheastFloridaSt. Marks NWR
SoutheastFloridaSt. Vincent NWR
SoutheastFloridaTen Thousand Islands NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaBanks Lake NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaBlackbeard Island NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaBond Swamp NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaEufaula NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaHarris Neck NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaOkefenokee NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaPiedmont NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaSavannah Coastal Refuges Complex
SoutheastGeorgiaSavannah NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaWassaw NWR
SoutheastGeorgiaWolf Island NWR
SoutheastKentuckyClarks River NWR
SoutheastLouisianaAtchafalaya NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBayou Cocodrie NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBayou Sauvage NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBayou Teche NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBig Branch Marsh NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBlack Bayou Lake NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBogue Chitto NWR
SoutheastLouisianaBreton NWR
SoutheastLouisianaCameron Prairie NWR
SoutheastLouisianaCat Island NWR
SoutheastLouisianaCatahoula NWR
SoutheastLouisianaD'Arbonne NWR
SoutheastLouisianaDelta NWR
SoutheastLouisianaEast Cove NWR
SoutheastLouisianaGrand Cote NWR
SoutheastLouisianaHandy Brake NWR
SoutheastLouisianaLacassine NWR
SoutheastLouisianaLake Ophelia NWR
SoutheastLouisianaLouisiana Wetland Management District
SoutheastLouisianaMandalay NWR
SoutheastLouisianaNorth Louisiana Refuge Complex
SoutheastLouisianaRed River NWR
SoutheastLouisianaSabine NWR
SoutheastLouisianaShell Keys NWR
SoutheastLouisianaSoutheast Louisiana NWR Complex
SoutheastLouisianaSouthwest Louisiana NWR Complex
SoutheastLouisianaTensas River NWR
SoutheastLouisianaUpper Ouachita NWR
SoutheastMississippiBogue Chitto NWR
SoutheastMississippiColdwater River NWR
SoutheastMississippiDahomey NWR
SoutheastMississippiGrand Bay NWR
SoutheastMississippiHillside NWR
SoutheastMississippiHolt Collier NWR
SoutheastMississippiMathews Brake NWR
SoutheastMississippiMississippi Sandhill Crane NWR
SoutheastMississippiMississippi Wetlands Management District
SoutheastMississippiMorgan Brake NWR
SoutheastMississippiNoxubee NWR
SoutheastMississippiPanther Swamp NWR
SoutheastMississippiSt. Catherine Creek NWR
SoutheastMississippiTallahatchie NWR
SoutheastMississippiTheodore Roosevelt NWR
SoutheastMississippiTheodore Roosevelt NWR Complex
SoutheastMississippiYazoo NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaAlligator River NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaCedar Island NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaCurrituck NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaMackay Island NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaMattamuskeet NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaPea Island NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaPee Dee NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaPocosin Lakes NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaRoanoke River NWR
SoutheastNorth CarolinaSwanquarter NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaCape Romain NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaCarolina Sandhills NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaErnest F. Hollings ACE Basin NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaPinckney Island NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaSantee NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaSavannah Coastal Refuges Complex (administered in Georgia)
SoutheastSouth CarolinaSavannah NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaTybee NWR
SoutheastSouth CarolinaWaccamaw NWR
SoutheastTennesseeChickasaw NWR
SoutheastTennesseeCross Creeks NWR
SoutheastTennesseeHatchie NWR
SoutheastTennesseeLake Isom NWR
SoutheastTennesseeLower Hatchie NWR
SoutheastTennesseeReelfoot NWR
SoutheastTennesseeTennessee NWR
SoutheastTennesseeWest Tennessee NWR Complex
SouthwestArizonaBill Williams River NWR
SouthwestArizonaBuenos Aires NWR
SouthwestArizonaCabeza Prieta NWR
SouthwestArizonaCibola NWR
SouthwestArizonaHavasu NWR
SouthwestArizonaImperial NWR
SouthwestArizonaKofa NWR
SouthwestArizonaLeslie Canyon NWR
SouthwestArizonaSan Bernardino NWR
SouthwestArkansasBald Knob NWR
SouthwestArkansasBig Lake NWR
SouthwestArkansasFelsenthal NWR
SouthwestArkansasHolla Bend NWR
SouthwestArkansasLogan Cave NWR
SouthwestArkansasOverflow NWR
SouthwestArkansasPond Creek NWR
SouthwestArkansasWapanocca NWR
SouthwestArkansasWhite River NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoBitter Lake NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoGrulla NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoLas Vegas NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoMaxwell NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoSan Andres NWR
SouthwestNew MexicoSevilleta NWR
SouthwestOklahomaDeep Fork NWR
SouthwestOklahomaLittle River NWR
SouthwestOklahomaOptima NWR
SouthwestOklahomaOzark Plateau NWR
SouthwestOklahomaSalt Plains NWR
SouthwestOklahomaSequoyah NWR
SouthwestOklahomaTishomingo NWR
SouthwestOklahomaWashita NWR
SouthwestOklahomaWichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
SouthwestTexasAnahuac NWR
SouthwestTexasAttwater Prairie Chicken NWR
SouthwestTexasBalcones Canyonlands NWR
SouthwestTexasBig Boggy NWR
SouthwestTexasBrazoria NWR
SouthwestTexasBuffalo Lake NWR
SouthwestTexasGrulla NWR
SouthwestTexasHagerman NWR
SouthwestTexasLower Rio Grande Valley NWR
SouthwestTexasMcFaddin NWR
SouthwestTexasMuleshoe NWR
SouthwestTexasNeches River NWR
SouthwestTexasSan Bernard NWR
SouthwestTexasTexas Point NWR
SouthwestTexasTrinity River NWR
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