Birding Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota

In the late 1880s, pressured by hunting and habitat loss, Trumpeter Swans disappeared from Minnesota. In 1987, these magnificent birds were reintroduced at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, and today, more than 30 pairs nest on the refuge. This recovery aptly symbolizes this refuge’s commitment to habitat preservation and the shepherding of sensitive species.

The marshes and forests of this haven in the heart of Minnesota’s lake country provide habitat for not only Trumpeter Swans but for such other species as Golden-winged Warbler, American Black-backed Woodpecker, and river otter. Visitors may even catch a glimpse of the elusive gray wolf.

Trumpeter Swan at Tamarac NWR by Pam Lehmann

Trumpeter Swans at Tamarac NWR by Pam Lehmann

Thanks to the USFWS for providing data and images.

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