Ruby Topaz, Scarlet Ibis, Purple Honeycreeper, & Tufted Coquette

Just the names of these birds hold so much promise for a birding trip to Trinidad & Tobago, but you have no idea HOW Ruby, Scarlet and Purple these and other birds can be until you see them in person. And I’d rightly visit for the Tufted Coquette alone!

The islands of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T to some) are located just off the northeast coast of South America and have become a popular vacation spot for nature lovers. Ocean breezes moderate the tropical, humid climate and the bird and mammal life is impressive for such a small land area. More than 460 birds, 55 reptiles, 25 amphibians, and 617 butterflies have been documented here.

My wife and I visited Trinidad & Tobago for the second time in December of 2012 (during the long dry season which extends from January through May). We had plenty of time to explore and watch birds and to sit back and relax. This is a place where one’s birding senses are overwhelmed 24/7 because birds are everywhere. I had ample time to take photos of the stunning birds and impressive forms of wildlife that live on these islands. Below is a gallery of some of my favorite eye-popping beauties.

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