Gallery: Madagascar’s 20 Coolest Creatures

Starry Night Reed Frog, Ranomafana © Ken Behrens

Madagascar is known as “The Eighth Continent” largely because its birds, animals and plants are absolutely nothing like those of any of the other seven continents and presents travelers with an “other-worldly” experience.

Target Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000Puerto Rican Nightjar Erick Xavier Pérez Guzmán 1000

Puerto Rico has 349 species of birds, approximately 120 of which are resident breeders. There are 18 endemic species, many accidentals, and 42 known introductions. Puerto Rican avifauna, as a group, has received more attention from the conservation community than other faunal groups. According to the IUCN Red Data List, 14 of the endemic bird… Read more

Gallery: The Best of Kenya’s Wildlife

African Elephant, Samburu Reserve, Kenya © Ken Behrens

Kenya is one of the best-known and most often visited African countries. For those taking their first safari here it offers both abundant big mammals and extremely high bird diversity Photos courtesy Ken Behrens of Tropical Birding… Read more

Gallery: Target Birds of Kenya

Kenya is one of the best-known African countries, and for those taking their first trip here it offers excellent opportunities for both game and birds. Kenya has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa, with around 1,090 bird species recorded, of which at least eight are national endemics. Below are just a handful of special birds that you… Read more

Target Species and Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka

Little Green Bee-eater, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka © Sam Woods

Sri Lanka offers startling diversity of birds and a deeply satisfying experience for any natural history enthusiast. Use this photo gallery to help you study the target species and endemic birds of Sri Lanka. This accompanies our post by Sam Woods: A Birder’s Guide to Sri Lanka, Everything You Need to Know and More… Read more

Photo Gallery: Birds and Wildlife of Taiwan

White-whiskered Laughingthrush, Taiwan © Keith Barnes

Use this gallery of target species and endemic birds of Taiwan to study for your upcoming trip.

Gallery: The 20 COOLEST birds in Madagascar!

Schlegel's Asity,Tsingy de Bemaraha NP © Ken Behrens

Tour leader Ken Behrens lives in Madagascar and leads tours all over Africa. Here he shares some of his top bird photos from Madagascar.

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