Nineteen Awesome Travel Complaints

People….please tell me you are not THIS kind of traveler. In fact, if you are reading this, you don’t even have to tell me. You are not this kind of traveler. Because a true nature traveler is by all means intelligent, adaptable, accommodating of weather, insects, and other people. A nature traveler doesn’t require 800-thread… Read more

The UK (2013) Cape May Warbler taken by Allan Conlin

From all points of the compass, an endless supply of rarely seen birds touched down across the UK after the storm, sending the rarity-chasers into a state of apoplexy.

Finally! I can use my PED on Planes!


Thank you, FAA, for granting passengers a tiny sliver of personal freedom after those awesome body cavity checks!

Duck Stamp Logo

Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamps have funded the acquisition of more than 5.5 million acres of land for the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge system.

Jerdon's Courser Egg (courtesy of Aberdeen Univesity)

An egg of the critically endangered Jerdon’s Courser has recently come to light in a collection held by Aberdeen University.

Breaking: New Species of Owl Found in Oman!

The Omani Owl taken by Arnoud van den Berg & The Sound Approach.

New species of owl found in Oman.

Tibetan-Buddhists are playing a strong role in critical snow leopard conservation efforts.

Two pilot studies in Ohio have shown how birders can “give back” to the birds by participating in carbon-offset programs designed to mitigate birding travel through donations to habitat conservation.

Found! Lone Jaguar Roams Southeast Arizona

Nature lovers have one more reason to love southeastern Arizona: the return of the jaguar. Remote night-vision cameras have detected the presence of a jaguar roaming the Santa Rita Mountains, southeast of Tucson, for the last nine months

Birding in the News: Two Migration Hotspots Featured On CBS

What makes spring birdwatching so special? This CBS report by Serena Altschul begins to answer that question very well. Watch the above clip to see the celebration of birds held at Magee Marsh (The Biggest Week in American Birding, which features many of our colleagues and friends) and the Indiana Audubon Society’s Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.

TRENDS. Birding Ranks 15th Most Popular Recreational Activity

Warbling Vireo, The Biggest Week in American Birding Festival, May 2013

Birding ranks 15th most popular recreational activity in the United States. In fact, birding ranks just above day hiking, visiting natural areas and gathering mushrooms/berries/other nature products. As an activity, birding ranks just below visiting a beach, swimming in lakes/streams/etc., and bicycling. Furthermore, interest in birding cuts across the demographics of the U.S. population; they are not just “tree huggers,” they are people with all sorts of careers, interests, and political leanings.

News: Nature Travel Network Featured in The Birding Wire

Nature Travel Network is pleased to be featured in today’s issue of The Birding Wire. The Birding Wire is a birding newsletter service of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network, and sponsored by Swarovski Optic. The newsletter contains timely news related to U.S. national wildlife refuges, conservation, events, festivals, as well as products and birding gear… Read more

TSA Will Allow Small Knives Starting April 25 – No, wait!

Editor: The original article was written March 5th. My Swiss Army knife-wielding explorer-type friends will love this one. Starting April 25, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will start allowing “small knives and some previously prohibited sports equipment onto airplanes as carry-on items” according to a report by NBC News. Knives must be 2.36 inches long… Read more

Thanks to lousy tit-for-tat politicking in Washington, government budget cuts started taking root with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Sunday, April 21. The cuts forced the FAA to put 47,000 workers, including 15,000 air traffic controllers, on furlough. Their solution commands each employee to lose one day of work every other week, which means airports will be understaffed to safely conduct current levels of traffic. The end result? One in three airline travelers will likely experience flight delays or outright cancellations.

Travel News Roundup (April, 2013)

Kids in Nature

This month’s travel roundup includes Ten Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life. Find out one author’s reason to include the Galapagos, Chesapeake Bay, Marco Island, Muskoka, and more on the list of ten places that can blow your child’s mind! Also, Most Visited National Park in the U.S., Travel Right, Bird More, and Google Flight Search.

African Elephant, Amboseli National Park, Kenya. © Melissa Groo

Do ethical consideration every effect your willingness to travel to certain countries? Should they? I often make the mistake of believing that humanity’s consciousness has increased along with access to information and ever-increasing educational opportunities. However, this is not the case, and nothing exemplifies that more than the alarming/horrific increase in illegal poaching of wild… Read more

5 New National Monuments to Add to Your U.S. Travel List

Lime Kiln Lighthouse © RJ/San Juan Island s Visitor's Bureau

On March 25, 2013 President Obama designated five new locations as National Monuments. These sites include: the first State National Monument in Delaware the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in New Mexico the San Juan Islands National Monument in Washington state the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio a monument commemorating Harriet… Read more

Get Organized With A Travel Budget Calculator

Do you think you could NEVER afford a dream trip to Costa Rica to see howler monkeys and trogons? Then you’re like a lot of people. And it may be true, but you owe it to yourself to find out if it’s really, really true, or if you’re throwing up barriers because you feel you… Read more

Travel News Roundup (March, 2013)

Yellowstone Park Sign

Travel news and tips from around the Web. Destination Tips Vacation Planning: When is the Best Time to Visit U.S. and Canada’s National Parks? (Lonely Planet) The folks at Lonely Planet put together a chart of the best times to visit the most popular U.S. parks. Ratings criteria included: fewer crowds, weather, cost, and wildlife. Take… Read more

Sri Lanka to Open Airport in Wildlife Paradise?

Star Tortoise. Tissa Take (Lake), Sri-Lanka © Sam Woods

Not sure whether this is a boon or bust for wildlife, but there you have it: “Sri Lanka is set to open later this month a Chinese-built international airport surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries with the aim of boosting tourism, an official said. Authorities want to leverage the exotic flora and fauna in the $209-million airport’s neighbourhood… Read more

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