Sandhill Crane dancing. Cranes dance as part of courtship, or maybe from sheer exuberance! They leap into the air, bouncing stiff-legged with outspread wings, or curtsey and bow toward a potential mate. Photogaphed from an overnight blind at the Rowe Sanctuary.

Photography and text by Marie Read Their numbers were few at first…ribbons of birds undulating through the sky, their approach heralded by strident bugling calls. Sandhill Cranes! We kept still as statues: a group of bird fans watching in excited anticipation, holding our collective breaths, willing the cranes to land nearby. But they continued on… Read How to Photograph Sandhill Cranes in Kearney, Nebraska >>

Gallery: Target Birds of Kenya

Kenya is one of the best-known African countries, and for those taking their first trip here it offers excellent opportunities for both game and birds. Kenya has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa, with around 1,090 bird species recorded, of which at least eight are national endemics. Below are just a handful of special birds that you… Read more

Capturing A Dream: The Galapagos Islands

Photography tips for capturing wildlife on the Galapagos Islands. Contributed by Kevin Loughlin of Wildside Nature Tours. Anticipation and wonder were in the air as we jumped into the Pacific Ocean, six-hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. We landed with a splash of excitement in the knee-deep surf and scrambled ashore onto the tiny island… Read more

Target Species and Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka

Little Green Bee-eater, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka © Sam Woods

Sri Lanka offers startling diversity of birds and a deeply satisfying experience for any natural history enthusiast. Use this photo gallery to help you study the target species and endemic birds of Sri Lanka. This accompanies our post by Sam Woods: A Birder’s Guide to Sri Lanka, Everything You Need to Know and More… Read more

Gallery: The 20 COOLEST birds in Madagascar!

Schlegel's Asity,Tsingy de Bemaraha NP © Ken Behrens

Tour leader Ken Behrens lives in Madagascar and leads tours all over Africa. Here he shares some of his top bird photos from Madagascar.

A Photographer’s Prowl for the Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl 2 © Melissa Groo

Photographer Melissa Groo shares her favorite Snowy Owl photographs from this winter’s epic irruption.

Polar Bear Walking Photo Safari in the High Arctic

Polar Bear by Iain Campbell.

This polar bear walking safari was point blank the best photographic and wildlife adventure that I have ever experienced. After five days with bears, I wanted to stay for another week and was excited when our flight out was delayed by four hours.

Pacific Loon © Brian Zwiebel

Barrow, Alaska is a remote but premier bird photography destination. Here’s what you need to know to make your trip worth it.

Common Tern Chick by Melissa Groo

Nickerson Beach Park is a favorite destination for bird photographers due to its concentration of nesting seabirds.

Everywhere we looked, adult Northern Gannets were engaged in bonding ceremonies with their mates, making spectacular plunges into the ocean for herring, mackerel and capelin, and regurgitating partially digested fish for their young.

Birdlife of Namibia (Photo Gallery)

The Caprivi Strip is a narrow finger of land belonging to Namibia but extending 280 miles further east than the rest of the country. The German Chancellor Leo von Caprivi bargained with the British to get this strip of land so they could have access to the mighty Zambezi River and thus a route to the east coast of Africa – the only problem being that Victoria Falls stands in the way. Travel photographer Ted Stedman visited Namibia earlier this year and came back with these winning shots of birds he encountered.

Ruby Topaz, Scarlet Ibis, Purple Honeycreeper, & Tufted Coquette

PurpleHoneycreeper_AsaWright Christopher CicconePurpleHoneycreeper_AsaWright Christopher Ciccone

Just the names of these birds hold so much promise for any birding trip to Trinidad & Tobago, but you have no idea HOW Ruby, Scarlet and Purple these and other birds can be until you see them in person. The islands of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T to some) are located just off the northeast coast of South America and have become a popular vacation spot for nature lovers. Ocean breezes moderate the tropical, humid climate and the bird and mammal life is impressive for such a small land area. More than 460 birds, 55 reptiles, 25 amphibians, and 617 butterflies have been documented here. My wife, Pam, and I visited Trinidad & Tobago for the second time in February of 2013. Below is a gallery of some of my favorite eye-popping beauties. Birds of Trinidad & Tobago Photo Gallery.

Birds of Florida Photo Gallery

Tri-colored Heron, Estero Lagoon, Florida. © Melissa Groo

Please enjoy this companion gallery to Melissa’s article, 5 Top Spots for Bird Photography in Southwest Florida… Read more

5 Top Spots for Bird Photography in Southwest Florida

Royal Tern, Sanibel Island, Florida. © Melissa Groo

Florida is a mecca for any bird photographer. Not only are the birds numerous, but they are also surprisingly easy to approach. In this article, we review the top 5 places to plan your Florida bird photography vacation.

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