VIDEO: Desert Tawny Owl, Strix hadorami

Desert Tawny Owl by Yuval Dax (Isreal)

Exclusive footage of the rare and elusive Desert Tawny Owl in Israel.

This show features the incredible birdlife of Israel including the wonderful raptor migration, the bizarre display of the MacQueen’s bustard, sandgrouse and the recently described and very rare Desert Tawny Owl. Nature and Heritage Sites in Judea and Samaria Production- Yuval Dax, Israel… Read more

Along with Israeli ornithologist and videographer, Yuval Dax, Birding Adventures TV may have recorded the first ever footage of the newly described and rare Desert Tawny Owl (Strix hadorami). The footage was taken of a pair of calling birds in a remote part of the Judean Desert in Israel during the second Champions of the… Read more

VIDEO: Bears in Banff National Park – Travel Alberta, Canada

Wildlife viewing on a road trip or guided tour in Banff National Park is just one of the many authentic wilderness experiences in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies… Read more

VIDEO: Jasper National Park – Alberta, Parks Canada

Towering mountain ranges, icy blue lakes, dense forests, wolves and other wildlife. This video from Jasper National Park shows you highlights of this spectacular part of Canada.

VIDEO: Wood Buffalo National Park – Canada Heritage

Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest national park in Canada. Sprawling across northeastern Alberta and southern Northwest Territories, it was originally established in 1922 in an effort to protect the world’s largest herd of free-roaming Wood Bison. Join Ed Coulthard and Christina MacDonald, and explore the sights, sounds, and unique offerings that Wood Buffalo National… Read more

American Dipper at Zion National Park

American Dipper © lkamms

I was on the trail leading to the Narrows in Zion National Park when I spotted this American Dipper on the Virgin River. This was my first time seeing this bird. I have heard about them and have seen photos but seeing one in action was amazing.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birds-of-Paradise Project Trailer

Few birds capture the drama, beauty, and passion of bird watching as strongly as the Birds of Paradise, a family of birds in the Island of New Guinea. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth.

The Rio Grande del Norte Wilderness

No visit to New Mexico would be complete without some understanding of the Rio Grande del Norte wilderness. The Rio Grande del Norte contains some of the most spectacular lands and habitat in all of New Mexico. Just above the Colorado border, the Rio Grande cuts into the Servilleta lava flows that make up the… Read more

Video: Bird Guide Whispers in a Hummingbird

This is a companion video to my travel article: Birding in Belize: Finding Life Birds & Lost Dreams in the Rainforest. Some bird guides are excellent and polished, some are naturally marvelous. My guide George succeeded in calling in a hummer and it nearly perched on his hand!  Though you can’t see the bird in… Read more

Video: Searching for My First Red-capped Manakin in Belize

red-capped manakin

This is a companion video to my travel article: Birding in Belize: Finding Life Birds & Lost Dreams in the Rainforest. Excerpt: “There it is!” he pointed. I slid next to George and followed his gaze. Not twenty feet away was a Red-capped Manakin flitting about in the tangle! Its brilliant red head and white eye contrasted… Read more

Birding Adventures TV: “Jamaican Hummingbirds”

A Birding Adventures TV special feature on Jamaica’s beautiful hummingbirds.

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