Review: Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

Two Red-lored Amazons in flight

Tranquilo Bay exceeded even my high expectations. I was impressed by the comfort, service, great guides, and the variety of excursions and activities offered. An attractive option for groups where not everyone is a hardcore birder.

The ZEISS Victory SFs are a superb binocular made especially for bird watching and nature observation. One clever feature makes them a joy to hold in the hand.

Book Review: The Kingdom of Fungi

A page from The Kingdom of Fungi, showing Ramarias

Part textbook, part work of art, The Kingdom of Fungi by Jens H. Peterson is a fine resource for anyone curious about these oft-neglected organisms.

Birds of the Serengeti cover photo Secretary Bird

This attractive guide uses uncomplicated text to explain what birds of the Serengeti you are most likely to see. It is not designed to be totally comprehensive.

Book Review: Rare Birds of North America

Northern Lapwing from Rare Birds of North America

Rare Birds of North America is a beautiful, quirky, and exacting resource that will no doubt shape discussions of rarities for years to come.

Book Review: The World’s Rarest Birds

The Worlds Rarest Birds Erik Hirschfeld

This illustrated book vividly depicts the most endangered birds in the world and provides the latest information on the threats each species faces and the measures being taken to save them. Today, 571 bird species are classified as critically endangered or endangered, and a further four now exist only in captivity. This landmark book features stunning photographs of 500 of these species–the results of a prestigious international photographic competition organized specifically for this book. It also showcases paintings by acclaimed wildlife artist Tomasz Cofta of the 75 species for which no photos are known to exist. (Source: iTunes)

SWAROVSKI OPTIK Announces PA-i5 Adapter for iPhone®* 5/5s

SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA announces the PA-i5 Adapter for the iPhone®* 5/5s.

Book Review: Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition

Reviewer Brooke McDonald gives us a sneak peek of the much-anticipated Sibley Guide to Birds, second edition.

Why Borneo? It’s All About The Wildlife

Danum Valleys deep, remote and stunningly beautiful rainforest offers some of the world’s most memorable wildlife experiences.

Book Review: “Seawatching: Eastern Waterbirds in Flight”

Ring-billed Gull © Laura Kammermeier

“Seawatching: Eastern Waterbirds in Flight,” by Ken Behrens and Cameron Cox, is the latest in the Peterson Reference Guide series published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Book Review: “The Warbler Guide”

Prothonotary Warbler,

The Warbler Guide is much more than a field guide, it is an identification opus.

Book Review: The Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland

Writer and UK birder Keith Betton reviews the latest addition to the Crossley family of field guides: The Birds of Britain and Ireland.

What’s New at Swarovski? Pocket-sized Travel Bins

Just released: SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian based company announces the new CL Pocket binoculars. The new CL Pocket binoculars are the perfect binoculars for everyone who would like a pair of binoculars with excellent optical performance, a high level of viewing comfort coupled with a compact size, thanks to the folding bridge design.

African Skimmer © Ethan Kistler copy

Situated high on a prominent, historical sand dune overlooking the Okavango River, vast floodplains and neighboring Angola, Shamvura Camp is one of Namibia’s most popular birding destinations. At the western end of the Caprivi Strip, Shamvura and neighboring areas are home to some 400 species of birds including many sought-after specialties. In 2011, I embarked on a four-month backpacking trip through Africa. Nearly a quarter of my time was spent volunteering at Shamvura Camp and it remains today as one of my favorite birding spots in southern Africa.

Review: Casa de San Pedro B & B Inn (SE Arizona)

View from our guest room through the courtyard and toward the Great Room. (© lkamms)

Let me cut to the chase. I can easily recommend Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast Inn to any traveler (birder or otherwise) visiting southeast Arizona. This hacienda, designed to evoke traditional architecture of Spain and Mexico, is a diamond in the rough, a sanctuary for tired, hot souls and a gracious provider of… Read more

Israel: The Isrotel Yam Surf Hotel near the Red Sea

The Eilat Birding Festival was hosted at the Isrotel Yam Surf Hotel, just across the street from the Red Sea, which hosts a World Class diving center. On my eighth day of travel, I took a much needed day of rest and spent some time poolside on the “Bedouin tents” located on the deck. This moment… Read more

Review of Yellowstone Valley Lodge (Livingston, Montana)

Yellowstone Valley Lodge is a collection of ten small, contemporary ranch cabins and a gourmet restaurant situated on an old ranching property in the aptly named Paradise Valley, Montana. We stayed here our first three nights of our grand Yellowstone/Tetons adventure…and are still looking back at it with fondness. A peaceful setting, great views, and… Read more

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