Red-headed Barbet at La Minga © Dorian Anderson

With over 1,900 species of birds, Colombia hosts more avian diversity than any other country on Earth. It’s a birdwatcher’s paradise, and tinamous, hummingbirds, trogons, puffbirds, antpittas, and tanagers will mesmerize even the most seasoned eco-travelers. Though Colombia owes much of its diversity to the Amazonian Lowlands in the east, equally important are the Andes… Read more

A Dragonfly Tour of Extremadura, Spain

  I first visited Extremadura specifically to look for dragonflies in September 2015. You can read about that visit here. I visited again in 2017, in the extreme heat of early August, a time most people would avoid, with the aim of seeing some different species. Extremadura is a large patch of wild Spain, south-west… Read more

Mountain Gorilla ©Brian Zwiebel

Like most, I’ve carried a rucksack of dreams as I’ve trekked through life. I’ve had to rearrange things in my bag a few times; remove a few pipe dreams, shelve some I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill, and reorganize those important enough to keep. I’m now scaling the peak of my fifth decade. I hope… Read more

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Ecologically, vultures, who are known as nature’s clean-up crew, are a vitally important group of birds that face a range of threats in areas around the world. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing outright extinction.

A Map Every Traveling Birder Must See: IBAs in Danger

Wouldn’t it be better, as nature travelers, if we carried at least rudimentary knowledge of the globe’s threatened habitats?

Watching a feeding Vervain Hummingbird—ten feet away—is an especially warm welcome to this Caribbean island with the most endemic birds (29 extant species, 2 probably extinct).

The Champions of the Flyway exists to protect the Mediterranean flyways from illegal trapping and killing. Bird watchers are the sentinels of extinction for the avian world. We simply MUST lead the way to champion this cause.

The endemic Jamaican Tody, at the Goblin Hill Villas, Portland, Jamaica. Photo by Steve Shunk

You awake to the drumming of Jamaican Woodpeckers, performing in the snag outside your window. Gray Kingbirds and White-chinned Thrushes call from the woodland edges just a few meters away. You saunter to your deck and pause for several minutes with your arms on the railing, bathing in the tropical breeze, as you stare across… Read more

My Birthday in the Caribbean

Cappuccino on Saba

Two weeks ago, Steve landed in a “Caribbean snowstorm” at Princess Juliana International Airport on the Antillean island of St. Martin. This kicked off an island-hopping adventure in the northern Dutch Caribbean that culminated on his 49th birthday.

If you have never been to Extremadura, it’s worth going – for vultures, for bustards, for sandgrouse, for eagles, for Lesser Kestrels, for mountains, for storks, for Azure-winged Magpies, for wide-open spaces, for Purple Swamphens. If you have been before, you know that it would be good to go again.

Five Easy Family Hikes in the Adirondacks (New York)

Summer begs for high Adirondack peaks with stunning mountaintop views. While the 46 Adirondack High Peaks aren’t for everyone, there are plenty of smaller peaks that approximate high-peaks rapture with less effort.

JORDAN: Where Birds & History Collide

The Middle East is a hugely fascinating region to visit, whether you are a birder or not. Israel is perhaps a better known birding destination but Jordan is an under-watched country, so visiting birders have the opportunity to find and enjoy some very special birds in diverse habitats in solitude. A trip to Jordan should… Read more

We Took a One-Night ZOOcation!

Our family made a one-night get away to the heart of Ohio to experience the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. Here’s what we thought.

Northern Wheatear male. © Jonathan Meyrav

As we previously reported, a new international bird race took place in Eilat, Israel this year – the Champions of the Flyway International Bird Race for Conservation. Here is a fantastic video of the Champions of the Flyway event. It does a great job of portraying the fun, urgency, and epic birding that Israel provides.

Pink-headed Warbler vocalizing

At one time Central America was mostly underwater, with the peaks of volcanoes creating islands where most of today’s regional endemics evolved. The chain of mountains that formed after the waters receded has long been a hotbed of endemism and has drawn many a birder to tour this region.

Summer Birding: Five Great National Wildlife Refuge Destinations

Roseate Spoonbills at Merritt Island NWR by Jonathan Milak

Summer slows many birders down, but it doesn’t have to! Here are five great National Wildlife Refuges for summer birding.

The forest at Bosque Pomac is even more parched than at Laquipampa, but it is home to endemics like the Peruvian Plantcutter. Photo by Alfredo Fernandez.

Days 1 and 2 of the World Birding Rally took us into tropical forest, in nearly full sun beneath the thin shade of dusty trees and cacti. It was a stark introduction to the unique Tumbesian region, where an unusual climate has helped create a birder’s wish list of endemic species.

Bee-eater with gunshot wound

I am witnessing the agonising death throes of a male Marsh Harrier. As the vet’s overdose of anesthetic pulses through its veins, this majestic bird of prey’s wings spasm violently before he finally, mercifully drifts to sleep, out of pain at last. Welcome to Malta.

Hawkwatchers from all over the country attended the celebratory 40th Anniversary Conference for HMANA, and the intensity and excitement among the participants was palpable.

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