The Champions of the Flyway exists to protect the Mediterranean flyways from illegal trapping and killing. Bird watchers are the sentinels of extinction for the avian world. We simply MUST lead the way to champion this cause.

Bee-eater with gunshot wound

I am witnessing the agonising death throes of a male Marsh Harrier. As the vet’s overdose of anesthetic pulses through its veins, this majestic bird of prey’s wings spasm violently before he finally, mercifully drifts to sleep, out of pain at last. Welcome to Malta.

Hawkwatchers from all over the country attended the celebratory 40th Anniversary Conference for HMANA, and the intensity and excitement among the participants was palpable.

Avitourism – the Pluses, the Pitfalls

Blue Cranes dancing

Avitourism continues to grow in popularity. You can maximize your positive impact and minimize negative effects by choosing the operator carefully and thinking first about the birds’ welfare.

First Snow Leopard Photos in Uzbekistan (Panthera)

Newly obtained camera trap images have provided the very first photographic evidence of snow leopards in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan.

Join us for a race in the desert! Teams are building for a great bird race in the desert on April 1, with proceeds going to benefit Birdlife International’s program to prevent the illegal killing of birds in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Duck Stamp Logo

Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamps have funded the acquisition of more than 5.5 million acres of land for the U.S. National Wildlife Refuge system.

Tibetan-Buddhists are playing a strong role in critical snow leopard conservation efforts.

Donations from bird watchers are helping to save Paton’s Birder Haven, a precious birdwatching site in Patagonia, Arizona.

Two pilot studies in Ohio have shown how birders can “give back” to the birds by participating in carbon-offset programs designed to mitigate birding travel through donations to habitat conservation.

Barbuda is home to the ONLY Antiguan endemic, the Barbuda Warbler, which is found in thorn-scrub forest in the interior of the island.

Pack for A Purpose: Give Back While You Travel

On your next birding adventure please know that you can contribute in a meaningful way to the community at your destination when you “pack for a purpose.”

African Elephant, Amboseli National Park, Kenya. © Melissa Groo

Do ethical consideration every effect your willingness to travel to certain countries? Should they? I often make the mistake of believing that humanity’s consciousness has increased along with access to information and ever-increasing educational opportunities. However, this is not the case, and nothing exemplifies that more than the alarming/horrific increase in illegal poaching of wild… Read more

The Rio Grande del Norte Wilderness

No visit to New Mexico would be complete without some understanding of the Rio Grande del Norte wilderness. The Rio Grande del Norte contains some of the most spectacular lands and habitat in all of New Mexico. Just above the Colorado border, the Rio Grande cuts into the Servilleta lava flows that make up the… Read more

ABC Conservation Reserve Guide

Let’s be real: even if we are squeaky clean and oh-so environmentally-conscious, traveling to see birds and nature has environmental impacts. But if done right, the negative effects of travel can be moderated and responsible travel can provide real benefits to the habitats and communities it involves. The use of jet fuel to reach remote destinations is… Read more

Conservation Hotspots in Latin America

ABC Conservation Reserve Guide

As explained on our Conservation Travel page, traveling for birds and nature is not without its share of conflicts. It’s a pity that the activities which bring us closer to nature may also contribute to its demise. There are ways to tread more lightly on the planet, however, and at least one organization has created… Read more

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