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Hiking Sandal

I can’t remember ever before screaming in agony. The jovial Mexican military doctor was anxious to reduce my dislocated ankle, and he did not want to wait for the anesthetic. Finally, after alarming the entire hospital with the intensity of my protests, I got my drugs. As I became more lucid, I started worrying not… Read more

Watching a feeding Vervain Hummingbird—ten feet away—is an especially warm welcome to this Caribbean island with the most endemic birds (29 extant species, 2 probably extinct).

My Himalayan High: Birding Nepal

View of Mount Everest from Gokyo by Joe Cochram

Emerging out of the woods, shrubby areas around the villages of Phurte and Thamo held Blue-fronted and White-throated Redstarts, and Laughingthrushes including Chestnut-crowned, Black-faced and Streaked, all with a backdrop of the 6000 m+ peaks forming Kongde Ri.

The Wilds of Romania: Birding Transylvania

Misty fields with buildings in distance

Thanks to its antiquated agriculture and extensive areas of untouched native forest and wetland, Romania is uniquely important for wildlife in Europe.

Bengal tiger

Rajasthan (“the land of kings”) is the largest state in India. Bird and wildlife viewing opportunities abound in its desert, jungle, and wetlands.

I could not believe my luck – I literally rolled out of bed, down the street, and into a Wallcreeper!

Just Got Back! Extremadura, Spain

Just spent an INCREDIBLE two weeks in Spain, most of which spent exploring the natural nooks and crannies of Extremadura

Yellow Oriole

The adventure of birding Trinidad continues, with Tanagers, Trogons, and the elusive Oilbirds.

This was truly an incredible encounter we had been so, so fortunate to witness; a full Snow Leopard hunt from beginning to end including the take and kill.

Birding at Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad and Tobago

Nothing that you may hear from other visitors really prepares you for your first morning on the veranda at Asa Wright Nature Centre.

Two Months in Thailand: Birding Nirvana

Start of the temple steps by Richard Baines

A peak experience of Thailand birding and Buddhist wisdom.

Two Months in Thailand: Asian Fairy Bluebirds

Male Asian Fairy Bluebird XII © Richard Baines

Male Asian Fairy Bluebirds are midnight black with shining blue mantles, bright as enamel; the females are turquoise, and both have bright, ruby eyes.

Two Months in Thailand: Bulbul Bonanza!

Sooty-headed Bulbul by Richard Baines

If you love gregarious birds you will love Bulbuls, and if you love Bulbuls you will love Thailand!

Two Months in Thailand: Secrets of Deep Forest Birding

Buff-breasted Babbler copyright Richard Baines

Forest birding – in any forest, the world over – is where all your fieldcraft techniques are scrutinized. It’s the ultimate test for any birder.

Birding Chile: Birders At Large in the Atacama

Chilean Woodstar - photo by Keith Betton

Keith Betton and friends travel around Arica, between the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean, in search of the endangered Chilean Hillstar and other star birds. A vagrant Curlew Sandpiper (second on record for Chile) also makes appearances.

Two Months in Thailand: Stakeout at the Cherry Tree!

Mrs Gould's Sunbird © Richard Baines

Here in the Thai forests there are birds everywhere. Even at the quietest time of day there is always a strange noise from the undergrowth…

Birding Chile: Southward for Tapaculos

Austral Negrito by Fabrice Schmitt

Keith Betton and friends travel through scenic Chile in search of the wild and wary Tapaculos.

Two Months in Thailand: Asia’s Winter Jewels

male Siberian Rubythroat copyright Richard Baines

Richard is an ecologist spending two months on Thailand’s second largest mountain. This week, he discovers mind-blowing songbirds from Asia and Siberia, such as Siberian Rubythroat, Ultramarine Flycatcher, Sapphire Flycatcher, White-gorgeted Flycatcher and Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher.

Two Months in Thailand: A Forest Cabin Awaits

Black Baza © Richard Baines

Imagine a keen ecologist spending a two-month holiday in the montane forest of northern Thailand. Next, meet Richard. Read his stories here.

El Yeso Valley is visually stunning and popular with visiting birders. The valley is part of the Andean uplands and requires a full day of exploration to be fully appreciated.

Santiago is a pleasant base for several days of diverse birding and the chance to see several of Chile’s endemic birds.

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