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Founded in 1998, Rockjumper Birding Tours is one of the world’s longest established and most highly regarded birding tour companies. We offer professional tour leaders, small groups, solid value for money and a long established reputation! Based in South Africa, with satellite offices in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, our team of professional tour leaders and dedicated office support staff arrange, and lead more than 250 annual birding, wildlife, photographic & anthropological safaris to 100 destinations throughout the globe! Rockjumper believes that the recipe for a successful birding tour is simple: a well-planned itinerary with smooth running ground operations, comfortable accommodations with good food, a small group with low participant to leader ratio, and most importantly – personable, friendly tour leaders with the necessary experience and expertise to make each tour a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding adventure!

Our Office Team:

Our office team is based in South Africa, and is highly proficient in orchestrating the complex arrangements that efficient and organized traveling requires. Questions are gladly answered in a friendly and comprehensive manner, and you will find that booking with us is nothing but a pleasure! We do our utmost to ensure that all your requirements and requests are met; whether before, during or after your tour with us.

Our Tour Leaders:

Our tour leaders are all passionate birders and accomplished tour coordinators who take great joy in sharing their birding experiences with others. These tour leaders have vast experiences in many remote and unusual destinations from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar to Guyana and Cameroon to highlight a few. Rockjumper’s tour leaders are energetic with a strong ability to seek out and identify those highly sought after enigmatic species making them a repeated success!!  Almost all of our tours are guided by full time Rockjumper leaders, but we also use some of the most accomplished regional leaders across the globe. This ensures that you always have the best possible leader for the tour of your choice. Whilst we guarantee that our leaders have superb birding skills, our tour leaders also strive to be personable, professional, friendly, and attentive, dedicated to delivering a rewarding, educational, enjoyable and memorable birding experience! You are welcome to have a detailed look at each of our tour leader’s experiences and expertise here.

Our Leader to Guest ratio:

Our leader to guest ratio is one of the best in the bird touring industry and most of our tours have a maximum of eight participants, giving our guests a very personalized tour experience. For some destinations, however, larger groups are necessary, and on these tours we provide two leaders with an absolute maximum of 12 participants. The only exception to this is on some cruises where larger groups are inevitable.

Our Scheduled Tours:

Our scheduled tours are generally designed for the keen birder, though the pace varies from tour to tour. For example: our Cape Wildflowers, Birding & Big Game tour is a relaxed birding adventure with much time dedicated to exploring the tapestry of spectacular wildflowers that grace the Cape region of South Africa. On the other hand, our Colombia 1,000 Bird Megatour is an intense adventure suited to ardent birders looking to increase their life lists. Nestling between these extremes fall the balance of our tours, which are designed to maximize the birding experience without feeling rushed. We also include the salient highlights of every region we visit, be it the Taj Mahal and Tigers in India, Jaguars and Giant Otters in Brazil, or the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt!

Our Tour Costs:

Our tour costs and booking conditions represent excellent value for money. Although we are not always the least expensive in the market, it is important to compare exactly what you are receiving when dealing with low costs or local operators. In addition, the services and expertise of a professional tour leader can make or break your vacation, especially in remote countries where traveling provides additional challenges.

Our Loyalty Program:

Our loyalty program offers 10% discount (A maximum of US$600) on every 5th full (14-days or longer) tour booked with Rockjumper. We also offer a US$300 discount to anyone who signs up for two back-to-back full Rockjumper tours (excluding Budget tours). This is designed to assist guests who wish to travel for longer periods and make the most of expensive flights to distant parts of the world. We are also currently offering an innovative promotion – Bird the 7 Continents with Rockjumper. Register now on our website and you will qualify for discounts ranging from 2.5% to a whopping 17.5% on your upcoming tours with us! This exciting offer is valid for a limited time only!

Our Conservation Initiatives:

Our conservation initiatives include: activities undertaken by the Rockjumper Birding Conservation Fund. A proportion of the fees from each tour sign-up are used solely to conserve the birds that give our lives so much fulfillment and joy.

Contact us:

Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful enquiries desk on [email protected] for any enquiries related to birding, wildlife or photographic tours throughout the world. In addition to our set departure tours, we also have a dedicated private tour department dealing with customised tours. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary tour brochure, which we will gladly email or post to you!


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  • magda nayach March 20, 2014, 16:43

    We do have interesting birds,
    like e.g.
    different singing birds

    harrier eagle
    hawk different kinds
    Griffon Vulture
    I would like do have specialist here
    in this area.
    Magda Nayach

  • magda nayach June 9, 2014, 12:51

    sorry for late answer.
    we are living in a zone of biodiversity (comarca Somontano-Aragon) with more animals which are shown in my blog As we have lot of little ways to do some sport like biking, jogging, hiking and nordic walking I am making fotos as a nordic walker and really, sometimes without knowing what is in front of my lens. So I have question what is what and need professional comments.
    magda nayach

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