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Since 1993, Wildside Nature Tours has offered birding tours, photography adventures, wildlife safaris and expedition cruises to some of the most awesome destinations in the world! Our small group tours with enthusiastic leaders, at very reasonable cost, give our clients the best value in nature travel.

Meet Some of Our Guides

Kevin Loughlin founded Wildside in 1993 after a life-changing vacation to Belize. He returned home feeling a desire to share this amazing destination, so he quit his job and started Wildside… and never looked back! Kevin currently leads most of Wildside’s photo adventures and expedition cruises as well as teaches all the photo workshops.

Red-billed Tropicbird © Kevin Loughlin

Red-billed Tropicbird © Kevin Loughlin

Adrian Binns brings passion, enthusiasm and humor to all experiences, whether he is leading international birding trips, or presenting programs to young birders. Raised in Morocco and educated in England, Adrian’s diverse interests led him to southeastern Pennsylvania where he has worked in ecological landscape design and led eco-tours for a variety of organizations before joining Wildside in 2006.

Glenn Crawford is a naturalist of outstanding abilities. His mastery of bird identification is excelled only by the acuity of his vision and hearing. Raised in the tiny village of Crooked Tree, Belize, he has been with Wildsidesince 1994. You can enjoy Glenn’s ever present smile and energetic leadership on most of our Central America birding tours!

Greg Miller has been birding since… umm… well since before he can remember. In 1998 Greg zigzagged across the continent–traveling 130,000 miles—while trying to hold down a full time job to try to see as many species of birds in one calendar year as possible. His adventures were documented in the 2004 non-fiction book, The Big Year, by Mark Obmascik which was made into a movie! Greg is now leading Wildside’s BIG YEAR TOURS series!

Gabriel Lugo began birding through an invitation to join an Audubon Christmas Bird Count a number of years ago. A curiosity became a passion and Gabriel was soon making major sightings throughout Puerto Rico, earning a strong reputation with the local birding community. With Wildside since 2010, Gabriel’s eyes and ears have proven him an excellent birder and his contagious enthusiasm helps makes him an excellent leader!

Edison Buenaño has been hailed as the top birder in South America. Born in Riobamba, Ecuador, Edison earned his degree in Tourism Management and has been with Wildside since 2001. His passion is birding, and his knowledge of bird vocalizations is second to none! He guides Wildside trips in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.

Enjoying a great reputation in the industry, Wildside often has amazing guest leaders ready to join a number of our tours, including:

Kenn Kaufman… renowned author of field guides and more.
Scott Weidensaul… renowned author of dozens of natural history books.
Kevin Karlson… bird photographer, field guide author.
Sharon “Birdchick” Stiteler… radio personality, blogger, podcaster and so much more.
Catherine Hamilton… bird artist.

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