Never Underestimate The Power of Nature Travel…

Kids: The future of Honduras

Never underestimate the power of nature travel to make a difference for species.

By stepping inside what locals consider wild, untamed forest, you teach that there is an aesthetic value to their natural heritage.

That you marvel at birds they don’t even notice and hear bird songs they take for granted, you teach a new way of looking at their world.

That you pay good money to stay in a basic hut with no plumbing on the bank of a roaring jungle stream and pay young guides to reveal natural secrets, teaches that it’s possible to earn a living in nontraditional ways. 

Travel is not the only thing you can or should do to help sustain global biodiversity. But it is, perhaps, the most enjoyable.

Travel widely. Hire locally.

Laura Kammermeier

Laura Kammermeier is the creator and managing editor of Nature Travel Network. She is a writer, website producer, traveler, birder and a birding/nature travel consultant. Laura has traveled Uganda, Europe, Ecuador, Belize, Honduras, Israel, and throughout the United States Read More


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