Photo Gallery: The Gorgeous Poison Dart Frogs of Panama

Poison Dart Frogs are often spectacularly colored as a warning to prospective predators. Individuals in many species will have some variation in the color patterns, however, few have the variation of color morphs found in the Bocas del Tor region of Panama. Here, on the islands and coastal mainland, Oophaga pumilio can be found in more than a dozen morphs.

The scientific name, Oophaga, means “egg-eater.” In this genus, the adult female will carry her tadpoles to a suitable, wet location, like a rain-filled bromeliad, where she then lays infertile eggs upon which the tadpole feeds.

These color morphs are not subtle differences, either — some are all red, some are all blue, some gold-and-blue, some red-and-blue, some green-and-black, some orange-black-and-white, and many others. See for yourself in the images taken during recent Wildside photo workshops in this wonderful region of Panama.

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Kevin Loughlin

Kevin Loughlin is the founder and owner of Wildside Nature Tours. He was raised to appreciate nature while exploring the woodlands of Pennsylvania as a child. At age six, during a family trip through the American Read More
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