Southwest Wings Birding & Nature Festival (Arizona)

SouthwestWingsFestivalThe 2013 Southwest Wings Birding and Nature Festival will be held at Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona at the cool 4,500 foot of the Huachuca Mountains, minutes away from some of the most famous birding spots in the United States including the San Pedro River, Garden, Sawmill, Sheelite, Huachuca, Ramsey, Carr, Miller and Ash Canyons. These places have been known historically for their great biodiversity of birds, butterflies, odonates and other insects, mammals, reptiles and close to 1,000 species of plants. Species we hope to find are Red-faced Warbler, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, Painted Redstart, Greater Pewee, Hepatic Tanager, and possibly Mexican Spotted Owl.

This year the festival features 40 expanded Field Trips to more areas including the Chiricahua National Monument, Appelton-Whittel Research Station, and the Sonita State Natural Area. There are over 50 Free Programs on a wide variety of topics, and more than 30 vendors and exhibitors offering nature-related wares and information.

Saturday programs will be devoted to the younger set with a field trip to the Grey Hawk Nature Center.

2013 Keynote speaker: Scott Weidensaul: A Brief History of American Birding.



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