Thanks to lousy tit-for-tat politicking in Washington, government budget cuts started taking root with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Sunday, April 21. The cuts forced the FAA to put 47,000 workers, including 15,000 air traffic controllers, on furlough. Their solution commands each employee to lose one day of work every other week, which means airports will be understaffed to safely conduct current levels of traffic. The end result? One in three airline travelers will likely experience flight delays or outright cancellations.

Airline Trends: Buy Direct from Carrier for Best Value


Years ago, the only thing that mattered to me when flying by air was ticket price. The proliferation of fee-comparison websites felt like a good thing. It allowed me to shop by price with the assurance that competition among carriers had brought the price down – or at least kept it within reasonable bounds in… Read more

News: Quito Airport Relocated Out of City Centre


Birdwatchers and Amazon explorers may now say goodbye and good riddance to the white-knuckled joy ride that landing in the Quito, Ecuador airport. The Mariscal Sucre International Airport, which is precariously wedged between towering volcanoes and municipal blocks high on the western Andean slope, was considered by some as one of the five most dangerous airports in… Read more

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