ALASKA Birding Tour: Spring Migration in Gambell (High Lonesome)

High Lonesome BirdTours. Gambell is a small, timeless Eskimo village on St. Lawrence Island, in the Bering Sea just off the Siberian coast. High Arctic and Asian vagrants are the draw at Gambell. Most of the Asian species recorded in North America have been seen in Gambell and its environs. This tour allows participants to spend much of their time within a couple of miles of the Yupik village, very near a seabird “super-highway.” You won’t want to miss this tour, which includes an Alaskan bird expert and personal chef!

Why Go Birding in Alaska’s Dutch Harbor?

Dutch Harbor, Alaska. (© Marianne Phillips)

The Whiskered Auklet is a smashing bird located in a very narrow range along the Aleutian Islands and a bit off the coast of Siberia. Named after those two peculiar whiskers protruding from its face, little is known about the species but the birds are often seen either feeding on fish as they concentrate in near-shore areas or sitting on a single egg atop a rocky crevice. Its remote and limited range makes it sought by serious birdwatchers.

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