The forest at Bosque Pomac is even more parched than at Laquipampa, but it is home to endemics like the Peruvian Plantcutter. Photo by Alfredo Fernandez.

Days 1 and 2 of the World Birding Rally took us into tropical forest, in nearly full sun beneath the thin shade of dusty trees and cacti. It was a stark introduction to the unique Tumbesian region, where an unusual climate has helped create a birder’s wish list of endemic species.

Meet the Guides: Birding Ecotours

Birding Ecotours specializes in Small Group birding adventures world-wide. Typically, our maximum group size is 6-8 people. Despite our surprisingly small group sizes, our prices are competitive. Providing quality tours is paramount and our team is constantly innovating. We offer unique tours, including bird Sound Recording tours, Owls of the World® Tours, tough mammal tours and more. (Sponsored).

A Perfect Birding Year by Chris Lotz

Malaysian Banded Pitta

Each month is peak birding season somewhere on our planet. Chris Lotz reveals how he’d make 2015 a perfect birding year – if he didn’t have to do office work!

Avitourism – the Pluses, the Pitfalls

Blue Cranes dancing

Avitourism continues to grow in popularity. You can maximize your positive impact and minimize negative effects by choosing the operator carefully and thinking first about the birds’ welfare.

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