Ruta de Aves del Norte cover Peru Steve Shunk

Over 200 flycatcher species; 150 tanagers and 110 overbirds; over 100 hummingbirds; and up to 28 Antpittas … Northern Peru is one of the world’s most endemic-rich continental birding regions, and there is a bilingual guidebook that will serve independent travelers as well as those visiting the region with tour groups: La Ruta de Aves del Norte del Peru, or The Northern Peru Birding Route, by Jeremy Flanagan.

Book Review: The Kingdom of Fungi

A page from The Kingdom of Fungi, showing Ramarias

Part textbook, part work of art, The Kingdom of Fungi by Jens H. Peterson is a fine resource for anyone curious about these oft-neglected organisms.

Book Review: The World’s Rarest Birds

The Worlds Rarest Birds Erik Hirschfeld

This illustrated book vividly depicts the most endangered birds in the world and provides the latest information on the threats each species faces and the measures being taken to save them. Today, 571 bird species are classified as critically endangered or endangered, and a further four now exist only in captivity. This landmark book features stunning photographs of 500 of these species–the results of a prestigious international photographic competition organized specifically for this book. It also showcases paintings by acclaimed wildlife artist Tomasz Cofta of the 75 species for which no photos are known to exist. (Source: iTunes)

Book Review: Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition

Reviewer Brooke McDonald gives us a sneak peek of the much-anticipated Sibley Guide to Birds, second edition.

Book Review: “The Warbler Guide”

Prothonotary Warbler,

The Warbler Guide is much more than a field guide, it is an identification opus.

Book Review: The Crossley ID Guide: Britain & Ireland

Writer and UK birder Keith Betton reviews the latest addition to the Crossley family of field guides: The Birds of Britain and Ireland.

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