The endemic Jamaican Tody, at the Goblin Hill Villas, Portland, Jamaica. Photo by Steve Shunk

You awake to the drumming of Jamaican Woodpeckers, performing in the snag outside your window. Gray Kingbirds and White-chinned Thrushes call from the woodland edges just a few meters away. You saunter to your deck and pause for several minutes with your arms on the railing, bathing in the tropical breeze, as you stare across… Read more


Jamaican Spindalis, Ecclesdown Road in Jamaica's John Crow Mountains. Photo by Steve Shunk

Birding Adventures TV: Jamaica’s Hummingbirds Caribbean Whiptail Stingray feeding near the Blue Lagoon, Portland Parish Over 200 photos from… Read more

Birding Adventures TV: “Jamaican Hummingbirds”

A Birding Adventures TV special feature on Jamaica’s beautiful hummingbirds.

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