Bee-eater with gunshot wound

I am witnessing the agonising death throes of a male Marsh Harrier. As the vet’s overdose of anesthetic pulses through its veins, this majestic bird of prey’s wings spasm violently before he finally, mercifully drifts to sleep, out of pain at last. Welcome to Malta.

Poll Results: Most Say “Yes” to Tourism Boycotts

Birder with bins

Two weeks ago we ran an opinion poll on tourism boycotts. Using Malta as a case study, we asked whether it is “reasonable or effective to boycott travel to a country in protest of illegal slaughter of birds?” The results are in and most of you say, yes!

Opinion Poll. Are Tourism Boycotts Effective? Case in point, Malta

Protests of illegal hunting of migratory birds in Malta seems to be reaching a fever pitch. While the death toll mounts for majestic raptors, herons, gulls, owls, bitterns, even the smaller pipits and other species, many wonder what can be done.  Some call for a travel ban to this country, while others feel that’s not… Read more

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