ZEISS Victory Harpia Product Images

We tested the ZEISS Victory Harpia spotting scope in Panama in August of 2017. The scope, which launches in January of 2018, is incredibly sharp and gave us better-than-real life views of most birds under a range of conditions. Below is a video of us digiscoping a juvenile Harpy Eagle, whose begging for its parents… Read more

Our group traveled to Panama to see the Harpy Eagle and to test the new ZEISS Victory Harpia scope. Neither let us down. Click for photos of both these magnificent beasts.

Photo Gallery: The Gorgeous Poison Dart Frogs of Panama

Gold-back Panama poison frog © Kevin Loughlin

Poison Dart Frogs are often spectacularly colored as a warning to prospective predators. Individuals in many species will have some variation in the color patterns, however, few have the variation of color morphs found in the Bocas del Tor region of Panama. Here, on the islands and coastal mainland, Oophaga pumilio can be found in… Read more

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