African Pitta by Hugh Chittenden

The luminescent colors of the African Pitta are unbelievable. But until recently, hardly anyone had actually laid eyes on this bird: even top regional listers could not find one. This legendary elusiveness turned this species into the Holy Grail of African birding. This is my quest story.

Birdlife of Namibia (Photo Gallery)

The Caprivi Strip is a narrow finger of land belonging to Namibia but extending 280 miles further east than the rest of the country. The German Chancellor Leo von Caprivi bargained with the British to get this strip of land so they could have access to the mighty Zambezi River and thus a route to the east coast of Africa – the only problem being that Victoria Falls stands in the way. Travel photographer Ted Stedman visited Namibia earlier this year and came back with these winning shots of birds he encountered.

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