The 3rd International Hula Valley Bird Festival


Common Crane flock at Hula Valley by Joanthan Meyrav

Common Crane flock at Hula Valley by Joanthan Meyrav

The Hula Valley Bird Festival is operated by the Israel Ornithological Center (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) and offers something for everyone; a full birdwatching program, fantastic photography options and evening presentations. Festival visitors enjoy the perfect platform from which to experience not only the Hula’s best sites, but other key birding locations in Northern Israel such as the Bet Shean Valley, the Carmel coast and Ma’agan Michael areas, Mt Hermon, the Golan Heights and more.

The festival uses excellent hotels and all the birding tours are led by Israel’s top birders and tour leaders.

Join us in the valley of dreams.

For further details, please visit the official festival website.

Jonny in the field

Jonathan Meyrav

 Jonathan is an accomplished tour guide and the tourism director of the Israel Ornithological Center. He brings to the Nature Travel Network a combined experience of nearly 20 years of desert birding with intimate knowledge Read More

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